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Witness: Lucy O'Connor
Location: Oxford, England
Date of Encounter: 1988

This is a very similar story to one on your Web site from another person, entitled "floating down the stairs." I typed this exact phrase into a search engine and this came person's account came up. 

My experience was when I was about five years-old. I was at the top of the stairs in my family's three story, 1970s terrace house (so the house was only about ten or fifteen years old at the time). I went to walk down the stairs and my foot never quite reached the next stair and my hand never quite touched the hand rail, they "floated" about two or three inches above. It was as though a force was keeping them there. Then it was as if I floated or was being carried, and I traveled from the top stair down about 14 stairs to the middle landing — this included going round a corner. I then "stepped down" on to the floor from whatever was holding me up.

What I now find strange is that like the other encounter of floating down the stairs on this Web site, I too had not told anybody about this experience until I was a lot older — nearly fifteen years old. And also, like the other account, I had not been scared at all and it only really came to the forefront of my mind when someone else told me about how they remembered floating down some steps in their garden when they were young. The similarities with the account I read here are really amazing and interesting I think.

My theory for why I never told anybody is similar again — I think I just hadn't registered it as an event that was out of the ordinary because I was so young. And as I got older the pattern of storing it as a normal event had not been broken until someone else spoke of the same thing and then maybe it allowed my consciousness to see it in a new light. The reason for the way I always viewed this event as normal is comparable to when you get used to things like maybe a habit or object, and you do not see it as strange or even register that it is there sometimes because it seems so normal until someone else points it out to you.

I now know of three other people who have very similar memories of this happening to them. These are people I strongly trust and seriously believe they would not fabricate such a story. Some of my family say it is a false memory or a dream, but to me this memory is as real as any other and I have always been someone who tells people my dreams because I have a lot of them. I never classified this as a dream and as I said previously, never told anyone about it.

I am excited to have found yet another person with a memory of floating down the stairs, especially so because it is one with such strong similarities. 

Someone I spoke to about it came up with the idea also that may be it was a guardian angel or spirit of some kind preventing me from harm. I don't know if I shall ever know the answer, but I know I will always believe I have been lucky to have had this experience.

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