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Witness: Jessica
Location: Monnerville, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: January 3, 2006

I have three kids. One is nine, the other two, which are twins, are seven years-old. We lived all by our selves in an apartment. One night, we all just got finished watching Ghost Busters. Children at that age, I guess like ghost hunting too. They put on bandanas and their silver pajamas, and went in my bedroom and started yelling, "Get out of here, ghost! Get out of here!" Then they stopped. I went in there to see why they stopped. As soon as I walked in there, the lights started to go on and off. Then the lights finally stayed on. I started to stare at the 1800s portrait on the wall above my bed. It was just a woman looking sad. I looked at the picture again. The kids then again started to yell, "Get out of here, ghost! This is our house." I looked at the picture again and the woman in the portrait looked mad… she looked furious. I don't understand how a 1800s portrait can be so beautiful, then look evil in a matter of seconds. My kids didn't notice, but I did. Now I forbid them to say those things in the house again because I was afraid something bad would happen to them. I got rid of the portrait. Nothing has happened to me after that, everything has been just fine. 

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