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Hymns of Hermes: Ecstatic Songs of Gnosis by G.R.S. MeadHymns of Hermes: Ecstatic Songs of Gnosis
By G.R.S. Mead
Publisher: Weiser Books (Revised Edition February 2006)
Pages: 83 – Price: $10.95

Review by Lee Prosser – review

G.R.S. Mead (1863 – 1933) is and remains one of the unchallenged giants as translator of ancient Hermetic works. This is one of his finest, and most enduring translations.

These ecstatic hymns are songs used to describe the Gnosis of Hermetic attainment, the personal experience of the divine. Comprehensible and relevant, the occult is simply removed from the verses to reveal the inner secrets. This material is available and in use at the same time Christian doctrine is, and the era in which both came about is reflected in various writings. 

That it did have an affect on early Christian doctrine is apparent when one takes the time to read and study the material. It is always amazing how the Pagan and Christian systems in those early days not only complimented each other, but wrapped around each other in harmony!

The comparison between Hermes and Jesus Christ is apparent. How this came to influence occult schools of thought is an intricate tale. It appears both were more alike than different. An interesting book, it will stir up controversy while it entertains the reader.

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