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The local murder that made international news in 1928 will be revisited in a new exhibit scheduled to open at the Nelson Rehmeyer house on Rehmeyers Hollow Rd in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. This was the sight of the infamous murder of the “Witch of Rehmeyers Hollow” also known as the Hex murder. After years of whispers, misinformation, and ghost stories, the home of Nelson Rehmeyer will be opened as an historical exhibit and attraction in the summer of 2007. The exhibit will tell the true and complete story of local legend and Pow Wow doctor Nelson Rehmeyer known as the Witch of Rehmeyer’s Hollow. His murder in 1928 was a media sensation much like that of O.J. Simpson or Anna Nicole Smith is in our time. The exhibit will show actual items owned by Rehmeyer on the night of his death. Visitors can take the tour and turn back the clock to the night when three men came for a book and left with blood on their hands thus sparking the trial of the century in York County. The exhibit will be open to the public by scheduled tours and special appointments only. An admission fee will be charged. There will also be other events and activities scheduled throughout the year.

Media contact – Jerry Duncan (717) 843-4230 or go to:

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