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FAIRFIELD, Pennsylvania — The first in a series of DVDs, titled Historic Haunts: Ghostly Encounters with Mark Nesbitt, will be available Memorial Day weekend. Each episode allows the viewer to venture into the buildings and fields where our ancestors walked, marvel at the stories of those who glide down hallways and call out to the living, and ponder the work of paranormal investigators as they experience the unknown. Mark Nesbitt, well-known author, historian, paranormal investigator, and owner of the famous Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours, is featured in each episode.

Episode 1 was filmed at the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour Headquarters, affectionately known as The Ghost House. Occupied by Confederate sharpshooters during the Battle of Gettysburg and housing the wounded after the armies had gone, the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour Headquarters has witnessed a sad but colorful history. Today, visitors who enter its doors might encounter the spirits of Confederate soldiers, be surprised by the menacing shadow person of the green room, or catch a glimpse of the ghost of a young blond-haired boy who can sometimes be heard playing a ghostly game of marbles. The Ghosts of Gettysburg are right at home at 271 Baltimore Street — The Ghost House!

Exspiro Productions, LLC, owned and operated by Andrew and Tonya Keyser, is producing the DVD series. They recently released their first feature-length documentary, The Other Side: Giving up the Ghost, an in-depth look at ghost culture in America today. Both DVDs will be available at and in the Ghosts of Gettysburg tour headquarters at 271 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg.

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