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Witness: Tim
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: 1990

I worked for a few years cleaning a transmission parts plant at night. I worked a third shift there. There were a lot of noises and things going on all the time which were normal. But gradually, night after night I began to hear and see things that were not "normal." I would hear very loudly, sounds which might be normal in the day during work, but as I would approach the area, it would stop. The unmistakable sound of large metal parts being thrown into the metal bins–this sort of thing became almost common.

Then I began to see a person in the plant. I would catch a glimpse of him and look to see no one. It would always happen in the same area. He had on a blue shirt, dark pants and had dark hair. Again, this got very common to me. After so many nights of seeing this person out of the corner of my eye in the same location, it became "common."

Then one night I was pushed over the edge.

My job required laying down a lot of absorbent kitty litter type stuff and sweeping it up. I was sweeping around this one machine and I heard someone walk up. A person walking on kitty litter. I didn't stop because I figured it was my boss. After a moment, I heard "hey." I stopped and looked up and there was no one there. I laid down my broom for a moment and walked away. Then decided to get back to work.

After a few moments I heard someone walk up again and then say, quite loudly, "hey!" I looked up and there was no one there. I laid my broom down and left.

Outside, I realized I could not explain to my boss I walked off the job because of a ghost. I eventually went back in and finished the job without incident.

Later, a girl came in one night to help me. She had worked there for a long time before me. She said she'd never do it again, but had agreed to help me that night. Before she left, I had to ask. "Did you ever see anything unusual?" She said yes. She said that's why she refuses to work there anymore.

I asked the foreman one morning if he knew anything about it. He looked at me like I was a nut.

I am not prone to this sort of encounter and this is the only thing like this that ever happened to me.

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