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LONG BEACH, Calif. — In the Neiman Marcus spirit of ultimate gift giving, this year the haunted Queen Mary is offering the ultimate paranormal gift for those who wish to communicate with the ship’s frequently reported ghosts and spirits.

According to Queen Mary COO Howard Bell, “Those with an interest in the paranormal acknowledge the ship as one of the most haunted sites in the world, and we think that those who can afford this ultimate gift deserve the opportunity to purchase it. It’s not for everyone,” he added, “but it might be just the thing for two special people. We’ll see,” he added with a smile. 

Two guests will board the legendary ship for a one-night stay, but not an ordinary stay. A complete hotel stateroom and luxurious, intimate dining area will be created for this one night only in the engine room in the bowels of the ship, way below the water line where paranormal activity is reported to be the most elevated. 

This ultimate package includes limousine and first class air transportation to Long Beach from anywhere in the world. Once aboard, the evening below decks will begin with an elegant and elaborate dinner with champagne, caviar and the finest foods and wines served by a butler in formal attire and white gloves. A European personal chef will be flown in just for this occasion. The area will be softly lit with towering candles and accented with luxurious amenities.

When the meal has been cleared away, the couple will be joined by spirit medium Erika Frost. She and her colleagues in the paranormal world will guide the couple through a séance and a “night of discovery” aboard the Queen Mary armed with the latest ghost-hunting equipment. 

The entire evening will be captured on film as a remembrance of all that transpires. Who knows, depending on what is discovered it could be an academy award-winner.

After the exploration, it will be time to retire for the evening. A complete and luxurious bedroom will have appeared in the haunted depths where the couple will spend the night. (A traditional Queen Mary suite will be reserved for the couple – just in case.)

The next morning – it’s breakfast in bed, a refreshing visit to the Queen Mary suite to prepare for the new day and a chance to recount the night’s paranormal activities for the cameras.

The cost is $25,000 for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Those interested may choose to select an especially sensitive date, such as the Winter Solstice December 21, the Total Lunar Eclipse March 3, or the Spring Equinox March 21. A date with personal, paranormal significance may also be selected.

According to Bell, this truly unique gift will be offered to only one recipient and must be scheduled during 2007. Those with interest should contact Gilles Hilliou, director of Queen Mary hotel and food and beverage operations, at their earliest convenience at (562) 499-1638.

About the Queen Mary
Launched in 1934 and now celebrating the 70th anniversary of her 1936 Maiden Voyage, the Queen Mary captured the imagination of the public and came to represent the spirit of an era that was characterized by elegance and style. During her illustrious career, she has played many roles – from elegant ocean liner to World War II troopship. Now permanently docked, yet still afloat, her operation and preservation are entrusted to the RMS Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Located at 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA, the Queen Mary has emerged as a favorite attraction, hotel, meeting facility and world-class entertainment destination. For more information, please call (562) 435-3511, or visit

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