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Witness: Jacqueline
Location: Ft. Inn, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: November 2005

Ok… so me, my husband, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my cousin started this kind of stupid club we called GHD (Ghost Hunting Dorks). It started by my parents telling us about this bridge that was supposed to be haunted. We were all bored so we figured we would go drive to this bridge and see what happened. Supposedly a headless woman walked over the bridge every night right at midnight. We sat out there for about thirty minutes and nothing happed. We were disappointed, and still bored, but to be honest, I was relieved. I've always believed in ghost and supernatural things, but the thought of it terrifies me. 

Since we were all still bored, my brother-in-law asked if anyone else knew where a "haunted" place was. We were in luck, my husband knew the perfect place. It was this old house down a long dirt road called Duderanimy. (My husband had showed me this house before in the day light, and even then it was creepy.) Well, after seeing how scary the house looked, us three girls were too afraid and we refused to get out of the car. The house was covered by bushes and trees and the front door was wide open. There was a stuffed animal dog sitting on the front steps. My husband and my brother-in-law went in with a flashlight, looked around for a minute, and came back out. They said they knew they could feel "something" in there and they wanted to take pictures. They said we had to go get a camera and come back, so that's what we did.

By the second time we were pulling in the driveway, the guys had convinced us to come in, so we all got out of the car. My brother-in-law walked in front, the girls in the middle, and my husband in back. We walked through the front door and turned to the room directly to the left. A black bird came screeching out of the room and flew out the front door. My brother-in-law took a picture. We shinned the light and all over the walls were the words "GET OUT!" I was terrified. I wanted out already, but they said we had to go through the whole house. They turned the light off and we went through the kitchen. We heard a bang up near the roof and my brother-in-law took another picture. They shinned the light but there was nothing. We circled into the living room where there was an empty chair that I had a bad feeling about. They took a picture of it and we walked out the living room entrance. We were at the front of the house again and we all looked up at the winding dark staircase. My husband asked if we wanted to go up, and of course none of us did! We got back into the car and drove to a gas station parking lot to look at the pictures. In all of them there were these glowing balls of white and blue "energy." My brother-in-law said they were orbs. I believed it, but I acted like I didn't because I was so scared. He said he would prove it. We drove by a cemetery and took a picture with the same camera. We viewed the picture and there were thousands of these glowing balls above the headstones. I was terrified. I had to believe it. We all did, we were all there and we knew what happened. 

The next day we were asking my grandfather if he knew of any haunted houses in Ft. Inn. He said he knew of one he had went in when he was a teenager. (Three people had been murdered there and him and his friends went in it a few years after the murders and saw dark figures.) We asked him where this house was and he told us the name of the dirt road was Duderanimy. We knew it was true. He was talking about the same house we had been in. We went back there the next night and when we pulled up the front door was still wide open, but the stuffed animal dog was hanging by a rope. I was too scared to ever go back in there, but we still go out ghost hunting sometimes. 

The last time we all got together we went back to the bridge I mentioned at first. We sat, turned our car off, and waited. Still nothing happed, then all of a sudden we heard a loud bang on the side of the car, then the grass rustled under the bridge. Maybe it was some kind of animal, I'm not sure, but we took a picture that night, too. This time instead of glowing balls of energy (like in the duderanimy house) there was a white figure that looked like smoke, in the form of a body, standing in front of our car.

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