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Witness: Michelle
Location: Princeton, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: 1987-1991

My family and I rented a house that had been empty for a while. We later learned that it was because a man had blown his head off in the bedroom. While we were there we experienced a lot of different things. We would hear strange noises all over the house, feel cold spots, we felt as if we were being watched all the time.

Now, all families fight, but ours became extremely violent shortly after moving in there. We had never been that way before. One day while I was home alone I heard someone off through the house calling my name and wanting me to come to them. Needless to say I went outside until more of my family came home. We were all frightened. The final thing was when shadows and human forms started appearing. We moved after that.

The house was only rented one time after that and they moved out just as quick as they moved in. Shortly after that, the house was demolished. Nothing has ever been put in its place. I'll tell you, no one could pay me enough to even set foot on that property again. This account is completely true. I very seriously believe in ghosts and hauntings, and don't think that they are something to be toyed around with.

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