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Witness: John
Location: La Plata, Maryland
Date of Encounter: August 1997

I have always had strange occurrences throughout my childhood, but none like this. My wife and I had just gotten married and moved into our home in July of 1997. Everything went well at first, unpacking and putting our home together. We already had one child, and were looking forward to being a family. When my wife discovered she was pregnant, all hell broke lose. The first time anything happened, we were sitting in our living room watching TV. The television turned off, and I flipped it back on. It turned off again, so I thought it was the TV. We went to the store and bought a new one.

Two weeks later, it happened again. Now, I am not insane, but there is no way a TV can go on and off by itself at night like that. We were going to church all the time then, and I asked our minister to bless the house. When he walked in, he told us he would be back in three days. But why in three days? He told us he had to prepare to do a exorcism because he felt the house was indeed haunted. Three days came and went, he arrived with other people from the church to help him cleanse our home. Going from room-to-room, he tried to cast out any evil. It only made what was there worse. The house got hotter and hotter. I opened a window in the living room, and one shut on its own, almost slamming down on my hand. We heard scratching noises on the walls and doors. There was a smell of decay in the air. After an hour or so, everything calmed down. We thought the worse was over. After my son was born in April of 1998, we started hearing the noises again, but this time we also saw a ghost. One night, I awoke to see a woman standing over our son's crib — I screamed and it disappeared. After that, our son would sleep in our bed with us. Our home was not ours anymore. Finally, after two years, we moved. The new owners also felt something strange there. The last we heard the house caught on fire and burned to the ground. After the investigation, no cause was determined as to why the house burned down.

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