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Haunted Battlefields and Haunted Battlefields
By Dan Asfar
Publisher: Ghost House Books (May 2004)
Pages: 215 – Price: $10.95

Haunted Cemeteries
By Edrick Thay
Publisher: Ghost House Books (September 2004)
Pages: 200 – Price: $10.95 review

These two books need to be in your book case for repeat readings! Given the gifted writing talents of the individual authors, Dan Asfar and Edrick Thay, these two books are bound to entertain and offer insights into the paranormal.

Haunted Battlefields contains thrilling accounts. Among them, such cases as at Little Bighorn where the supernatural remnants of the battle and slaughter bewilder a Vietnam veteran, a truly scary story. Another example is how the Angel of Mons descends from heaven to spare British troops from a German assault during World War One.

Haunted Cemeteries contains cases that will scare the reader as well educate! Examples include: Ghosts of of famous celebrities from another time float among decrepit tombstones at Hollywood Forever Cemetery; a ghost from the Salem Witch Trails returns to mourn his death; a mother has her daughter exhumed only to make a terrible discovery. 

These books make for entertainment in the grand tradition and would be ideal for reading around a small lamp or light at night, or over an open campfire. Grab a copy of each, and have a rip-roaring enjoyable reading adventure. Highly enjoyable reading by two fine authors.

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