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Witness: Kate Mellinger
Location: Uniontown, Ohio
Date of Encounter: December 1999

My encounter happened a bit after my first daughter was born in 1999. My husband and I were living in an apartment in Uniontown, Ohio. It was a twinplex (2 ground level apartments side by side) but the other was empty. My husband was at work one day while I was home with our daughter.

We had a basement where our washer and dryer were. The door to the basement was in the hallway, and you had to pass it from the living room to the kitchen and vise-versa. I was sitting in the kitchen one afternoon, my infant daughter in her seat. Suddenly I heard an awful screeching sound, as if someone had just pushed the entire washer or dryer across the basement floor — I was terrified to say the least. It was definitely not "pipes" or the apartment settling. I never heard that noise again after that. The same day that happened, I also heard what sounded like someone throwing a child's rubber ball from the basement to the basement door. It sounded as though it hit the door, then bounced back down the steps to the ground. My child was an infant at the time, we had no play balls in the apartment. Also, the TV would turn itself on and off at all hours. At night, I would hear what sounded like a party going on — very faint music and conversation, but I could never make out what anyone was saying. Remember, no one lived next to us and we lived in a rural neighborhood, not much action going on. Lastly, I have been afraid to put my daughter in her crib at night. I had a weird feeling about the room. It felt evil in some way, even though I know it sounds dumb. I ended up keeping her in our room in a bassinette.

Needless to say, we moved when our lease was up and never looked back!

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