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Witness: Angie Witbeck
Location: Douglasville, Georgia
Date of Encounter: March 6, 2002

I fooled around with some voodoo not thinking that it was real and two years later something happened. For three nights I was visited by what I thought was a young girl in need of help. The first night wild hallucinations (regular faces turning into creatures…a guy hanging himself from a chandelier, sexually explicit acts, etc.); the second night, motion picture of the girl's ordeal of partying with two gay men who raped and beat her to death — no sound, but color — motion picture style; the third night she manifests with another little girl and points to the ceiling to reveal a "slide show" of family photos.

She never spoke except what I believe I heard coming from my husband's snore — "mama" — yes, my husband was in a deep sleep all three nights while I was talking aloud. I was so tired from being up for three night that I began to hear voices in my head and I realized that there was more than one "presence" in the house. We set up a video camera and went to the hotel.

I was completely freaked out when I realized that in my dreams the presence was still with me. Still, there was no sound but each one introduced themselves. When the one girl told me "I hate you bitch!" They allowed me to sleep maybe three hours that evening with frequent interruptions of singing through the air vents at the motel "go back to sleep… sleep… go back to sleep… sleep. They said they knew about the video camera and that I was going to get the investigators.

When I returned home I had my husband sleep on one side and my son on the other. Since I had been up for four days now with only three hrs sleep I was catching a cold and was having coughing fits. I was mocked… it was 12 AM and I told my son to drive me to my grandmother's house and that I didn't know why, but I knew that if I stayed something bad was going to happen to me. My husband said that just 20 minutes after we left he had to get up to see about a loud crash he heard in the kitchen. He said it turned out to be nothing and he slept that night.

During the 40 minute drive to my grandmother's house I felt like something was in the back seat and the whole way I kept saying the Lord's Prayer. After the first 15 minutes the feeling was gone.

My grandmother is a southern Baptist, nothing bothered me there but I was a mess and my whole family rallied to get me help. I went to three doctors who all found nothing physically wrong with me — I ended up with Remeron sleeping pills. After a week my grandmother said that I needed to go home.

A Catholic priest blessed our house but I was still afraid and always felt a presence. My father and his wife visited a week after that and stayed in our room. She is Catholic and she also heard a person walk down the hallway and stand at the bedroom door several times that evening but she said her Rosary and it stopped.

Around 1 AM that same evening downstairs where my husband, my son and I slept — my son and I both had dreams. In my son's dream a dark shadow was walking down our stairs carrying a wine bottle. In my dream someone unearthed the voodoo doll that I buried two years ago by the pond I have in my back yard.

That day my father and his wife were putting a puzzle together in our living room so I decided to go on the computer to check E-mail. I began to answer someone on the message board at some paranormal site and there was a loud thump on the wall behind the computer and then a force. I was resting my leg up on the table and it was as if something was pushing the whole table against my leg. I checked with everyone in the house and everyone thought somebody dropped something heavy or something. I went out to the deck later to smoke and my dog was sniffing the chair directly across from me and then cowered away — that was the week of April 8th. Since then I pray, I pray, and I pray. I keep a white candle burning the whole time I am at home and I have crosses in every room. I don't stay home unless someone else is here. I don't work so I just drive around — basically I have no life. And our house is now up for sale.

I've done everything the paranormal Web site said — brooms, hazelnuts, dirt to cemetery… everything. Things are getting better but I know it is still here. There are still rappings here and there, my computer acts up, the dog acts funny, and just last night I had more sex dreams.

What am I dealing with? How do I undo what I have done? Do they want me or have I just opened up a portal here at this house? Will moving help? Please help me. My husband and son do not get it, and this subject sometimes causes arguments. My husband who supposedly loves be sometimes gets cruel with his teasing me about the "boogeyman". This hurts me because he just does not get it. I guess nobody does, but that dark side is frightening — I don't want any part of it and I never want to go there. I just want my life back. My mother says I need to do whatever is best for me even if it means leaving my family and moving out on my own. That seems to be my only alternative now.

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