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Witness: Shelia
Location: Jemison, Alabama
Date of Encounter: May 3, 2004 to present

My granny lived in the same house for 42 years. She became bedridden the last day of March and was terminally ill. My son moved into her house and about two months after that he began to see dark shadows float around from the back bedroom, down the hall, into the living room, and on into the kitchen. One night he ran to my house and said the shadows were bouncing off the walls as fast as they could go. It seemed as if they were mad about something. He noticed they only appeared when he was on the computer. He also could hear voices of children playing but you could not find anything. There were sounds like paper rattling in the back bedroom, but no paper was there! It sounded like someone trying to walk though the walls, like a bump when you hit the wall. In the back room and down the hall, green lights will float around for a few seconds then they are gone. The night before my granny passed away, my daughter was leaving my house and she looked over at my granny's and saw green lights bouncing from wall to wall from the kitchen to the living room and back. They were all over the windows. We really wonder if any of these things are still there since my granny passed away but no one will stay there at night to see. My son moved back to my house. We have been told it was granny, not approving of my son's way of life in her house. But she was still alive when this started. We were told it was spirits looking for granny. We are really puzzled since we know very little about these things. We just know one thing for sure… it's spooky!

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