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Witness: (Name Withheld Upon Request)
Location: Palm Coast, Florida
Date of Encounter: September 16, 2003

I was at my house hanging out with my best friend Brianna. I think it might have been a Friday or Saturday night. I was having a sleepover. It was around 10:00 PM. We were drinking soda and laughing at each-other's jokes. Me and Brianna where the only ones at home and we were downstairs in my room. My mother was at work at that time — sometimes she had to work late. My Labrador dog had gone upstairs to eat out of his food bowl, then he came back downstairs to me. We where both stroking my dog because he is so soft. All of a sudden, it got very cold in my bedroom where we were. We checked all the windows and they were closed. Brianna made a random joke, "Maybe there is a ghost in here!" We both started laughing. It was still very cold in my room, when all of a sudden my TV in the living room upstairs turned on. We both heard it, too. I was thinking, ok, my mom's home already? Checking the TV, it appeared no one was up there and the remote wasn't right where I had left it. I left it on the couch, It was on the table, and my mother's car wasn't in the driveway. After exiting the room, the TV turned on again 15 minutes later. Brianna volunteered to check for wire problems even though neither of us know how to fix electrical things. I turned it off. And sure enough it came on as soon as I hit the off button!

Brianna jumped. It got cold, but only upstairs where we were at the time. We laughed it off and ignored it until my dog started whimpering but also growling at the same time toward the curtain near where I took him out to use the bathroom. We where really wierded out by it. 

I yelled at my dog to shut the heck up and he did. We dashed back downstairs to my room. I made my dog sleep downstairs with us. After Brianna left and went back home on Sunday, I started seeing weird things in my room and I'd get a few shivers now and then. And they continued to happen but I bravely ignored them. But a month later this really confused me. I felt like it was a suicidal ghost hurting me or something… is that possible?

I would be turning 15 that summer, but my mom considers me responsible. Usually when I would be home alone, I would either be in my room or the computer room talking to my friends online. Of course I'm paying attention to the computer or something else besides my hands unless I'm drawing. I would be occupied by something else, and when I would leave my room, or the computer room, I would look down to see red scratches and cuts on my both hands. They really stung too. It kept happening, then it stopped. Something was making someone angry — this unseen force kept scratching my hands with something sharp. When I turned 16 in July of the following year, it happened again in the late summer months. It worried me. After all that time, I asked my best friend about it and she said she thinks I might have a poltergeist. I always kept my nails away from my hands. I do keep my nails sort of long, but they are not sharp at all. The images I kept seeing in my room I do not understand. I will feel uncomfortable if I turn on my right side of my body to sleep. So I always sleep with my back against the wall. It just makes me nervous. Right now I'm 16 and will be turning 17 in July.

What I see in my room when I open my eyes after they adjust, is this older looking woman about 25 or 26. Her hair is long — waist length — and black. It cover's her face and she wears a white dress and she had a weird looking knife like she's going to hurt me. In March I had a dream of the same exact lady with that weapon — I don't understand what this means. The dream was unimaginably creepy. In January of 2005, it was a Saturday night and I was home alone with my dog. I was trying to fall asleep at 12:30 AM and for some reason I had only slept for about 10 minutes. Waking up, I felt this very warm little pain on my right upper leg as if someone had cut me and then I felt some gripping pain grabbing my arm. My leg was fine but it kind of ached also. Every time I had moved, it got bad — like someone was trying to pull me out of my bed while I was half awake. If you know or can help me with this or at least try to help me figure it out please email me!

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