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Witness: Kristina
Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: 1995

My name is Kristina, I am 14 years old, and I would like to share my encounters with you. After my grandmother died in August of 1994 I had moved into her room — the room she had died in. After she had died my sister and I began hearing strange noises. At night, when everyone was asleep we could hear someone walking down the halls and we could hear people talking.

My room is close to the bathroom and when you come out and look to the right you can see into my room. Well, one night I went to the bathroom and when I came out something told me to look at my room — so I looked and my light was off. A couple of seconds passed and then while I was looking a white ghostly figure walked from the middle of my room, past the doorway, and into my wall. After that happenend I ran and told my parents, and they went and looked, but there was nothing there. After that night I would not sleep in that room because I was scared the ghostly figure would come back.

Not too long after that, my sister told me that at night when she was trying to sleep someone would sit at the end of her bed and when she opened her eyes no one would be there. The same has happened to me. I do believe that the ghost is my grandmother.

This phenomena hasn't just happened to my sister and I, it has also happened to my mother and father. One night my mother was in my sister's room playing the Nintendo and she was alone in the house. She said that while she was playing she felt as if something was behind her, so she turned around and looked — nothing was there. She went back to her game and it happened again, when she turned around the second time, again, nothing was there. So she started playing again but this time the hairs on the back of her neck started to raise up so she turned around and when she did, again she saw nothing. As scared as she was she got up and left the house.

My father also had an encounter with this spirit. It was about 7:30 AM on a weekday and he was sitting in his truck getting ready to leave for work when he looked up and saw something like a white mist shoot by his truck window. It couldn't have been fog because that morning it was clear and kind of sunny.

The most recent incident was not too long ago, my friends Lacie and Melissa had stayed the night and it was about 1:00 AM and we were in my room watching TV. My dad and my mom were in their room, and my little brother was asleep on their bed. My dad said that he looked into the hallway and he saw a little boy about my brother's size walk from my brother's room into the hallway, and past their door. At first my dad thought it was me or one of my friends but he found us in my room. He had asked us if we went into my brother's room and we said "No," and to this day we do not know what it was. These are all of the encounters we have had so far.

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