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Witness: Name withheld upon request
Location: Ashland City, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: December 2000 to present

We have had numerous encounters since we built our house on presently owned farmland. Our original house burned, and we rebuilt on the same land; however, the occurrences are more frequent in the most recent house.

We (my entire family of five) regularly hear footsteps on the hardwood stairs, knocking on the glass patio door is also frequent, and no one is there, and our dog often growls and stares into air, at apparently nothing. A plant that sits on our entertainment center "shakes" for no reason at times. We frequently hear noises of something crashing to the floor, when nothing has fallen. Whispers have become frequent also. My daughter recently saw a little girl of six or seven years of age, walking up the stairs into the recreation room; my daughter then heard a whisper behind her saying "don't be scared". My husband saw this same little girl sitting on the foot of our bed one morning, he described her the same as my daughter, and both my husband and daughter had told me about the young girl separately, describing details that neither of them had discussed with each other. We often hear giggles of a child when none of us is laughing. Objects around the house have been placed, then found in a totally different location of the house. We have also smelled cologne that no one is familiar with. Three members of the family have all separately felt something sit on the bed with them, when no one is there. My husband has also seen a little girl crying in the hallway, and thought it was our daughter, he bent over to pick her up and his arms went through her and she vanished.

None of my family have ever been believers in this sort of thing, but occurrences are becoming so frequent and unexplainable that we have considered selling the house and moving. I would be interested in researching the land, since similar things have happened in the house that burned, and the new house. Both houses were built by us, so I feel it has something to do with the land.

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