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Witness: Sharon Moritz
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Encounter: 1966

This is only one example of an encounter I had in a house I lived in. My daughter was only about six months old and my husband and I were living with his parents at the time. On one particular morning he had left for work and I decided to lay on the couch until my baby woke up. I left the door to the upstairs open as well as our bedroom door so I could hear her when she woke. I fell asleep on the couch

Shortly after I fell asleep, something woke me — as I opened my eyes and looked up, I saw what appeared to be someone wearing a black hooded robe, going toward the stairs. I watched the figure (I sat there frozen), turn and go upstairs. At this point I was freaking out — my baby is up there. I got up and started running towards the stairs and I yelled for my mother-in-law to help (she was sleeping in the room off of the dining room). When I got upstairs and went into the nursery, my baby was laying there limp with her eyes rolling in the back of her head — I grabbed her and ran downstairs. She was lifeless. We put 7UP soda in her bottle and forced it into her and left for the hospital.

By the time we reached the doctor she was okay – no one could explain what had happened. When they looked at her at the hospital they thought we were nuts. She was laughing and having a great time getting all of the attention. So, what was that? Had I beaten the angel of death? Or was she in trouble and that spirit was warning me? Whatever it was, thank God I still have my daughter.

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