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Witness: Alex
Location: Garden Grove, California
Date of Encounter: April 2006

I am 17 years old and have been seeing things in my grandmother's house since I moved in when I was around 9 or 10. At first I didn't think much of them, that my mind was playing tricks on me, but now that my grandmother is getting closer and closer to death (which is why I moved in with my mother) I am convinced that my already-deceased grandfather and uncle are hanging around, almost constantly. 

Most of the experiences I've had have been auditory, knocks on doors, people walking around with heavy footsteps (outside and inside the house), and heavy breathing. I do sleep in a room my grandfather had added onto the house in the 70s specifically for him, and have heard breathing here late at night. Recently there has been a spike in activity, the knocking has been getting louder when I hear it (it only happens on the bathroom door where he reportedly died from a heart attack and only when I'm in the shower) what I think is my uncle (a short shadow figure) stands in the doorway of my grandmother's room at night, and a doppelganger (imitator) is getting really antagonistic. 

The doppelganger used to just imitate the sound of my aunt coming home, opening the front gate, walking to the door of the house, with her keys jingling, unlocking the door, opening the door, and then closing it. Usually by this time I've gotten up to greet my aunt and by the time I make it to the kitchen (where the entrance is) the light isn't on (which never happens) and no one is there. This is what I'm reporting.

I was doing laundry on a Saturday, folding clothes in a room next to the kitchen (separated by an incomplete wall that is open at the ceiling). I heard my grandmother enter the kitchen, walker dragging and clinking, shuffling feet and cross it. I knew she had been napping and knew that I was doing laundry so I though she was going to go out and help me. I was irked that I'd have to drop everything and go help her, so I tried to ignore it. I looked over my shoulder at the incomplete ceiling and watched the door open and close with the sound of the walker dragging out onto the concrete. Before sighing, dropping my laundry, and going out to help her, I walked outside the door and headed for the washer, where I figured I'd at least see her walker, but it wasn't there. I went to the garage, the trash cans, searched all around the house outside, and stopped. Thinking I'd lost my mind, I went back inside to my grandmother's room only to find her sound asleep, just as she'd been when I checked on her earlier.

This is by far the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in my grandmother's house. Of all the times I've experienced the doppelganger I never watched it.  

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