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Witness: Bud A. Prater
Location: Fall River, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: early 1980s

Hi my name is Bud and these are my encounters. When I was about 9 years old I lived in this apartment building located on Buffington Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. The building was haunted by an evil spirit that tormented my family for years. As a kid I called him "the man dressed in black with a tall black hat." My first sighting happened around 1980. One night in my bed I noticed someone walking around my living room. When I called out, "Mom is that you," the thing stopped and started walking toward my room. When it reached my doorway I noticed that it was a tall man dressed in black with a tall hat. At this point I became scared and frightened for my life. He then entered my room and the room became very cold, I could see my breath turning into smoke. He walked to the foot of my bed and stated in a deep dark voice, "This is my house. Get out." I screamed for my mom and placed the covers over my head. My mom entered the room and the coldness went away and then everything was fine until later on that week. 

My second sighting happened about a week after the first encounter. One day I was going into my basement to get my bike. I remember that it was somewhat rainy and cloudy that day, and I was so afraid to go into my basement due to that first encounter. While walking through the first part of the basement, I felt a cold breeze pass my location and then it filled the whole room. At this point I stopped and noticed that my breath was turning into smoke again and I was being held by something I could not see. I remember that I could smell a stench that I could not even describe. At this time that man appeared at the end of the basement next to my bike. He then stated in that deep dark voice, "Get out of my house." At this point I broke free from whatever was holding me and I ran out the basement to my house screaming.

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