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Witness: (Name Withheld)
Location: Key West, Florida
Date of Encounter: January 7, 2005

I was told that the women's bathroom in Captain Tony's was haunted but I didn't believe it. I was dared to go in. As soon as I walked in, my head felt extremely heavy and I walked out. After a while I went in tried to go in the first stall — it was locked and I figured someone was in there that I didn't notice, but then I heard the outside door close. Just before we left, I went in again. I again went for the first stall (the back one gave me the chills and an eerie feeling) and realized it was locked from the inside. While in the back stall, I again heard the outside door close and I looked around the corner. No one walked in. I was feeling strange but continued when all of a sudden I heard that first stall door slam. I jumped out of the back stall and saw that no one was there and the first stall was still locked from the inside. I ran out and never looked back. I've heard the story of the haunting of a women who was hanged for murdering her husband and wonder if I experienced this because my boyfriend and I were talking about getting married while we were at the bar. It was a real strange feeling and took awhile for me to shake off. 

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