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Witness: Kellie Miner
Location: Palisade, Nebraska
Date of Encounter: 1988

I was driving home one night from work about 7 PM and it was still light out when I can down the hill to a 4-way stop. All of a sudden there was fog everywhere. When the fog cleared my little Toyota car was sitting in the middle of an old yellow station wagon that was owned by a lady who lived in our town. However she had died several years before of cancer. She was in the car with her back toward me and I was sitting sideways in her car. I can see everything in that car including her just as plain as day. She had her arm on the back of her seat and turned around and smiled, she never said a word. She looked just like she did a couple months before she died when my husband and I had visited her 400 miles away in a hospital. When the fog cleared my car was sitting on the other side of the intersection. I honestly think she kept me from getting killed at that intersection that day. And I've never seen her or had an experience like that since.

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