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Ghosts of the World: True Tales of Ghostly Hauntings by Susan SmittenGhosts of the World: True Tales of Ghostly Hauntings
By Susan Smitten
Publisher: Lone Pine Publishing (August 2006)
Pages: 232 – Price: $11.95 review

Ghost story expert Susan Smitten has put together an intriguing book about true ghost hauntings. Her interviews cover people in Ireland, Russia, South Africa, Australia, among others. Locales and happenings are detailed, and documented.

Following acknowledgments and the introduction, the book is developed into nine chapters. Chapter One has its focus on castles. Chapter Two has its focus on government and public places whereas Chapter Three concentrates on homes. Chapter Four covers hotels and inns, and Chapter Five covers odd places. The remaining chapters cover prisons, pubs and restaurants, roads, and theaters.

This book will have a high appeal among readers of the paranormal. Chapter Nine which deals with theaters, will fascinate readers with its true hauntings. Chapter eight discusses roads, such as the “Roadside Wraiths: Scotland’s Haunted A75.”

The selections, “The White Witch of Rose Hall” at Montego Bay, Jamaica will bring chills to the reader as will the Chinese haunting, “Yun Shan Fan Dian Hotel.” The book is full of interesting true stories, and arranged in an enjoyable reading fashion.

If you enjoy the macabre, this collection of ghostly hauntings will be your cup of perfect tea! Susan Smitten had put together an interesting collection of documented true hauntings, each one as scary as the next! 

Good reading, and a straight-ahead, concise educational approach to ghosts and ghost hauntings. After reading “Highway Sheila” set in South Africa and “The Greyhound Inn” set in England, your thoughts on pubs, restaurants and roads will have a different more haunted feeling! 

Enjoy the book! It is good reading for hunters of true ghost stories!

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