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Witness: Shyann
Location: Pomona, California
Date of Encounter: 1990

Along with my ex-husband, we moved into a house of a friend, renting the back room. We tore out the carpet and re-decorated it. Sometime after that, we were laying on the bed talking. All of a sudden we heard the dishes clanging, the water running, and the fridge opening and closing. I had just done the dishes. We thought our friend had come home early from work. My husband told me to go say hi. I didn't want to, but I walked down the dark hall to the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen, all the noise stopped and no one was there. I ran back to the room to verify with him what we both heard. He said he felt that house was haunted even before that. That was the first time something paranormal had happened.

The second time, my sister had just left the house. I was folding the laundry, and I heard her voice say, "Hey!" I said, "Ya?" No reply. I slowly walked to the door and peaked down the hall. Then I heard her distinct car engine zoom by the house. I knew it couldn't have been her. I was freaking out. It mimicked her voice.

Another time, again, my husband and I were laying on our bed talking. All of a sudden the door handle was pushing and pulling the door, very hard, and very loud. As if they wanted in. Our door was unlocked. I quickly got up and locked it. The door handle wasn't turning at all. It was like a force was making the handle and door move back and forth, very violently. We were scared. My husband yelled at it to stop. But it wouldn't. He yelled louder and louder and one final loud, "STOP!" And it just stopped. Like it got scared.

Another time, we were in the living room and we started hearing a scratch from the carpet like a cat was pulling at it with its paws. We followed the sound all over the room. Nothing was there, yet we are experiencing this. I couldn't wait to move out of there. When I look back on it, I now realize it was trying to communicate with us. But at the time I was terrified. Now I have learned more about spirits, but I still wouldn't want to ever go back to that house!

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