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Witness: Nicole
Location: Provo, Utah
Date of Encounter: November 2010

Thursday before Christmas: I am getting my siblings and myself ready to go to bed. I need to call my stepdad. I get the landline and push re-dial on the phone. The number is 666. I think someone is screwing with me so I don't let bug me.

Friday at school: I am doing math on my calculator. I am doing the problem correctly but 666 keeps coming up. So I have my teacher try it and she does the same problem and the answer isn't 666.

I get home and my cousin walks past my sister's room and says, "This room freaks me out." I walk into the living room and run quickly through it 'cause there is an eerie feeling. I feel like I am forced to sleep in the living room on our small couch.

My cousin walks into the kitchen and says, "Whoa, I'm dizzy." He gets food, eats it, and brings the dishes out of my mom's room. I am getting dizzy, as well.

I'm looking for a movie when this thought goes through my head: sit on the right side of the couch and look at the wall. I feel my stomach twist when I hear this nonhuman voice say: here.

I hear a step come out of my sister's room. You know how when you look at the road on a hot day and it is as if you can see the heat coming off the road? I see that in a nonhuman shape coming towards me. I scream for my mom but I can't say anything. So I start to whimper. My cousin calls my name and turns on the hall light. I can't see the entity anymore but I feel the presence coming for me.

I start screaming, finally able to make a sound. I yell, "Mom, mom…it is going to get me! Help me!" I try to get up but I'm stuck on the couch with my arms wrapped around my knees. I can feel the presence trying to get me off the couch even after my mom arrives.

I stop crying but then I feel it by my face and I hear it say my name in my ear. I start screaming and kicking.

My mom has sage with her. This is supposed to purify the house. I can finally feel the being leave and then I felt empty.

This entity comes back sometimes and keeps me in my bed. After it visits, I am tormented in my dreams over the next couple nights.

I can feel it even as I type this.

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