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Castello Malaspina Ghost
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Witness: Alessandro Carpena
Location: Castello Malaspina, Fosdinovo, Italy
Date of Encounter: October 20, 2013

 Castello Malaspina Ghost

Castello Malaspina Ghost

 Castello Malaspina Ghost

Castello Malaspina Ghost (Brightness Added)

This happened to me one night at the end of the night tour in the entrance courtyard of the castle Malaspina of Fosdinovo, Italy. I was there on the 20th of October, 2013 with my family. When we were getting ready to leave the castle, I said goodbye to the caretaker, Miss Mina and a couple of other guys, I took a picture in the courtyard with my Canon camera.

The next day I downloaded the pictures to my PC and I noticed this photo (above). I saw the impression of a person who I knew wasn’t there at the time I took the picture. (The second photo has been altered only in adding brightness to the original.)

I have had other scholars look at this photo and also showed it to Lady Mina at the castle. We have no explanation.

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