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Witness: Kelly
Location: Columbus, Kansas
Date of Encounter: Summer of 1998

I have always been open to paranormal activity but nothing like what happened to me the summer of 1998. I still don't know the history or who it was I encountered but it has changed me forever.

That summer I had moved into an apartment with a man who would later become my husband. I settled in with my infant son feeling comfortable with the arrangement. It wasn't long, though, that the atmosphere began to change. The room that I'd turned into my son's nursery became the center of paranormal activity. The electronic equipment would turn on by itself when no one was in there for starters. Soon, I kept having the feeling of being watched only to have it confirmed by my nine-month-old staring intently past me at something I couldn't see.

When I brought this up to my boyfriend he proceeded to tell me about his five year old daughter's encounter with an unseen little girl. He told me that they had been in that very room one day playing with dolls when his daughter stopped and asked if he'd seen the little girl walk through. He'd told her "No," but the daughter persisted and went in search. After looking throughout the apartment without finding the girl, my boyfriend asked his daughter what the girl had looked like. She promptly described a young girl with long, brown hair in a pink dress. My boyfriend was baffled as he wasn't a firm believer in such things. He just let it go.

After he'd told me that I didn't dispute it — I just had the feeling that whatever I was experiencing wasn't a young girl but something else. I was right.

As the summer wore on the energy became stronger. I would awake in the middle of the night to find my baby crying and out of his crib. I knew there was no way he could've gotten out by himself as he couldn't even pull himself up to stand yet! That occurred a few more times so I kept him in our bedroom thereafter. To my delight he was undisturbed all night in our room.

Not long after, I was up late one night folding laundry when I spied a shadow in the kitchen doorway. I thought it was my boyfriend until my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the kitchen. To my horror there was a shirtless man with blackness where the eyes should have been "watching" me. I froze in fear at first then moments later I made a mad dash to the bedroom. I cried hysterically for five minutes before my boyfriend could get the story.

After that I refused to spend the evenings there alone. I would literally wait in my car until my boyfriend came home.

The fateful day occurred a month or so later when my boyfriend was going out of town for three days. I had decided that I would stay at my mother's while he was gone, but hang out in the apartment during the day. That morning I watched from the kitchen window as he drove away. I then said aloud, "Well, he's gone so I guess it's time for me to go too." Just then, a man's voice answered, "Good." I grabbed my things and dashed out. I didn't return the entire time my boyfriend was gone. It wasn't long after that I finally got my wish and we moved out.

I had encountered such a feeling of hate in that apartment that to this day I still refuse to go anywhere near it. I'm just glad it didn't follow us to our new house!

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