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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.As to shadow people, yes, I have seen them over the years. I never felt threatened by them. I recall my late Uncle Willard Firestone explaining them as a possible glimpse of death, who always waits just out of eye sight, waiting, waiting, waiting! 

I feel these shadow people are not ghosts, but rather entities with purpose. They could be scouts, explorers, or observers from another dimension, simply taking a peek-a-boo-look-see at what humans are doing at a given moment in time. I do know they can and do appear at any time, and at any place. Literature is available about them and explains what they look like, or do not look like.

I have a theory these shadow people are observers, and they are gone as quickly as they come because they are on a faster time plane frequency than humans. Whereas a human may see a glimpse of the shadow entity vanishing out of his or her sight, this entity may have been there much longer than imagined, watching and observing.

Maybe shadow people are the peeping toms of another dimension rather than scouts on a great mission of discovery of other species. Until documented contact is made with them, that aspect remains full of questions without answers.

My theory is these entities, or shadow people, move at a much greater speed than we do, almost like a discernible blur out of the corner of the human eye. In our time span, they are a quick blink. Yet, from their incredible ability to skim through time, these shadow people may have been there for minutes or hours. It is much like a scene where a person is standing still in time compared to the speed at which the shadow people can visit, examine, and record what they observe in our slow motion at their leisure! 

Many humans claim to have seen these shadow people staring back at them, face-to-face. The approach and appearance varies with each human account.

Maybe that touch on the ear, hair, or forehead is not always a fairy or elemental, but a shadow person taking a closer look at you. Consider that for a moment, the next time you are out in the middle of nowhere and something touches you at some place on your hair, head, or body. Or consider that on a clear day a sudden wind gently whispers in your ear, but that whisper is actually a shadow person saying something to you. Or, if you wish a more chilling, macabre aspect, consider this: You and your companion have made love. You relax, drift away sweetly in reverie, then you hear a sigh and feel something brush across your face; then, you realize your companion is elsewhere in another room making a cup of tea for you, and you are completely alone! With these shadow people, who knows what is reality for them? Their mere shadowy nature is a disguise for their true identity.

I have never felt threatened by these shadow people, and the individuals I have talked with about shadow people have shared the same feeling. It has been many years since I last saw and encountered their presence. But perhaps they are finished examining me and have moved on to other humans to study and record data about!

Some individuals claim shadow people are a special form of ghost or apparition, or some type of undiscovered energy, among other explanations. Others say we may only know for sure what the shadow people are and what their true nature and purpose is, when and only when, the shadow people deem the time is right for humans to understand the significance of their presence. 

Time is the key. The second key is patience. Paranormal happenings unfold at their own rate of speed, and accessibility. 

Humans are one spud in the potato bin, and the shadow people are another. That bin is full of strange things, and beings! Spuds come in different shapes, colors, designs, and size, and each has its own agenda and purpose to fulfill. 

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