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CARSON CITY, NEVADA, USA — Northern Nevada is a haunted place with many tales of phantoms and mysterious happenings. This non-credit class will delve into the many accounts of ghosts linked to the Comstock area. This class will focus on ghosts and the art of ghost hunting. It will include a visit to a haunted site and give students a chance to join in a real investigation. The class is lead by veteran ghost hunter Richard Senate, a recognized authority on the subject, who has appeared on such TV programs as Sightings, Haunted History, and Haunted Hotels. Mr. Senate began his investigations into the paranormal in 1978 when he encountered a ghost while part of an archaeological team. He is the author of several books on the subject of the supernatural, his most recent work: Hollywood Haunts

This is an ideal class for those interested in ghosts, local history, and folklore. 

Summer Session starts June 13, 2005.

To sign up contact WNCC Carson City Community Education
Class Number: 28496, Section180C–C01 Class Title: Ghost Hunt in NV & Beyond.
Visit web site at http://www.wncc.edu or call Western Nevada Community College at 775-445-3000 

For further information on Richard Senate see his web site at www.ghost-stalker.com

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