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Witness: Manuel Beltran
Location: Whaley House, San Diego, California
Date of Encounter: November 2003

My wife and I decided to take a trip to San Diego. Posted on the front porch of the Whaley House in Old Town was a sign that read "Certified Haunted Home, Most Haunted Place in America." We toured the inside of the house that day and saw nothing. 

The next morning we returned to the Whaley house. My wife and I observed what appeared to be two transparent, wavy horizontal lines adjacent to the large tree located in the side yard of the property. These lines did not resemble human bodies or figures, therefore I did not suspect any paranormal behaviors. But then I walked to the back yard and as I walked by the nicely trimmed hedges, I observed the hedges move as if a child was using her hand to playfully brush against the hedge line. Please be advised I was alone at the time and there were no signs of wind, birds, dogs, or cats in the area so this situation was bizarre. As I joined my wife at the back stairway of the home a smell of old fashion perfume was in the air. My wife had no perfume on and the two ladies visiting next to us stated that they did not put perfume on this morning. In communicating with the Whaley House host we were advised that Mrs. Whaley wore a fashionable perfume for her time and the host advised us that our experience was probably a calling from Mrs. Whaley.

We have since returned to the Whaley house (in 2005) and the hedge has been taken out and the sign of famous haunt is gone. No further psychic energy was in the air (damn). 

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