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Witness: Crysti
Location: Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, New York
Date of Encounter: 2003

Me and five other people went to Forest Park Cemetery located in Troy, New York. We headed towards the right-side of the mausoleum — we shined our flashlights and saw something red — they looked like eyes. As we went closer, they moved back — we got scared and started to run out. Whatever it was, it started chasing us, so we left and returned back the next day with more people. This time I had seven people with me. We walked around the cemetery twice and didn't see anything. We then went to the right-side of the mausoleum and we were shining our flashlights around to see if anything was there. Two of my friends were standing by a tree arguing about there being something by that tree they were standing at (I was about two feet away from them). They yelled over to everyone to shine their flashlights on the tree — as soon as shined the flashlight over there I saw this tiny, dark shadow bounce away from the tree, then it disappeared. It was too weird. It wasn't an animal, it just disappeared — it bounced like three times, then it was gone. After that, we stood outside by the gate and was talking about what we saw. Out of nowhere me and my friend got really cold on the right side of our bodies, so we just took off. I don't think I want to go there again.

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