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Witness: Paula
Location: Corona, California
Date of Encounter: September 2006

My fiancé and I were in bed around 10:30 PM, about to fall asleep. The lights were out in the house, and our bedroom door was shut and locked. The kids were fast asleep in their rooms down the hall. We heard very heavy footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs. We sat up thinking it was one of the children out of bed. We waited for them to knock on the door, as they usually do, but we saw our bedroom doorknob turn as if someone was trying to come in. It stopped after a minute. Then the heavy footsteps walked down the stairs again. I don't know why we didn't ask to see if the kids needed something… we just froze. We then opened the door to see if the kids needed something and found them fast asleep in their beds. We searched all over the house and outside… doors were locked, everything was closed up for the night.

Since then, we have had a lot of encounters. Our computers, TVs, phones, cell phones, and car radios get a lot of interference out of the blue — even when they are not in use. Doors slam and we get the chills and goosebumps. We continue to hear footsteps. Sometimes in the shower, when no one else is home, we hear door slams and think someone is home when they are not. We have noticed a rather dark sooty-like substance on one of the walls in the family room. We have a large fish tank, but no other pets to blame the strange noises on.

Our house is not very old — about 8-9 years — in a rather nice suburban area. We can't really explain some of the things happening.

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