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Witness: Name withheld upon request
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Date of Encounter: Australia, February 2001

I have always been interested in listening to other people's ghostly encounters but I had never actually experienced anything unusual myself until this, which has since made me a little less skeptical.

At the time of my encounter I had recently landed a new job which paid a lot more than what I was used to so I moved into a house by myself closer to the CBD. The house was a nice little Queenslander, in an area with steep streets and a great view of the city itself, I loved it.

It took me all day to get all my stuff in there with the help of a few of my mates, who hung around into the night to help me settle in. It wasn't until after they left at around 11:30 PM that strange things began to happen.

Alone for only about five minutes, I was in the kitchen cleaning up when suddenly I felt strange, for no reason at all. It was a feeling I can't accurately describe, sort of like the feeling I get just after having deja vu or when something during the day reminds me of a dream I had the night before. It wasn't a bad feeling, just strange like I'd been in this place before, which I most certainly hadn't.

Unable to shake this feeling, I decided I must have been tired, so after hunting for my toothbrush and paste which was still packed, I went to bed. Lying there in the darkness trying to ignore how I was feeling, I opened my eyes, which were facing the door of my bedroom. I saw a figure standing in the doorway, seemingly looking at me. I was frozen with fright, and a little in disbelief. The figure, which was featureless, just a shadow in the dark, was only there for few seconds then it turned and walked, I could hear it walking, back out into the lounge room.

I laid still straining my ears to see if I could hear sounds coming from out there but I heard nothing. Annoyed at how frightened I was, I decided that I should go out there and investigate. I'm not usually easily frightened as I'm a reasonably sized man and can handle myself pretty well if need be. Firstly turning the bedroom light on, I walked quietly around the house turning the other lights on as I went. I checked to see that the doors, front and back were still shut and the windows still closed as well, so nobody could've got in.

Not wanting to go back to bed yet, I turned the telly on and watched it for a while. I soon thought that I was just imagining seeing the thing in the doorway and convinced myself that it definitely couldn't have been a prowler or something like that and it couldn't have been a ghost either because they didn't really exist.

Back in bed with the light off again, I rolled over to face the wall this time. Just as I began to dose off I started to get that strange feeling again, then my bedroom door slammed shut by itself. Scared senseless I jumped out of bed and tugged the door open. There he was again, this time face to face and up close, the figure was right in front of me, I could've reached out and touched him. I could see his face, but it was still too dark to make out his eyes. I stood there, one hand still on the doorknob, before I could do or say anything the thing opened it's mouth and a gargle, soft hissing sound came out.

I slammed the door shut in his face, grabbed my keys then jumped straight out the bedroom window, ran up the side of the house into the street light where my car was. I got in as fast as I could and took off. When I got to my mate's place where I used to live, I beat on the door until he came and opened it. "What the hell happened to you?" he said. I realized for the first time that I wasn't wearing anything except for the undies I was sleeping in. When I told him what had happened he thought I was crazy and wanted to go back to the house but there was no way I was going back there that night.

The next day I cancelled my lease, which was supposed to be for six months, so I lost $1300 worth of bond and rent, but I just couldn't bear the thought of another night in that house. The real estate agency said that it had happened before with that house in the past but the previous tenants hadn't had any problems Looking back on the event now, over a year later, it doesn't seem quite real, and I can't explain it to anyone without them thinking I'm crazy or something but I know something definitely happened to make me react like that, I just don't know what.

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