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Witness: Rae
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
Date of Encounter: September 2001

In 2000 my mother married her second husband and we (meaning my brother, me, our mother, and our new stepdad) moved to Grants Pass from Portland. We'd been living there for a few months when these strange things started happening, centered on our kitchen. One night I was putting the clean dishes away in the overhead cabinets when a glass from the cabinet fell and smashed on the counter right next to a plate that was sitting there. The plate then cracked cleanly in two, despite the fact that the glass never touched it. Also, the glass had been in the very back of the cabinet and it should have been impossible for it to fall out the way it did.

A few weeks later I was having a conversation with my mother in the kitchen, she was standing near the back door, and I was standing across from the counter where the glass had previously fallen and the plate had cracked. There was a glass sitting on that counter, but I thought nothing of it. However, about halfway through our conversation, the glass on the counter exploded and the shards flew right towards me. I should have been horribly cut and injured, but I wasn't even scratched. The glass was all around me, on the floor by my feet, on the counter behind me, but I didn't have a single cut. It was like the shards had just gone around me. I don't need to tell you that it was impossible that I wasn't hurt, but the fact that a glass just suddenly exploded into a thousand pieces for no reason is also quite amazing. Later that year, another glass exploded without cause or provocation, though no one was standing near it at the time. Those were the only strange things to happen in that house. We moved soon after, but not because of the occurrences; we'd lived in haunted houses before (with the exception of the stepfather) and we don't scare that easily.

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