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Witness: Arron
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date of Encounter: May 15, 2009

This one particular night my fiancée and I had decided to go on our own private ghost tour. There are ghost tours run in this cemetery every week, and I had been on one of these previously. We entered through a back entrance where it is known that devil worshipers and the like performed rituals in this part of the cemetery, not even the ghost tour hosts will go there. As soon as we started to walk down the path we both got a feeling that someone was watching us. My fiancée was walking behind me when she said to me that we shouldn't be in this part of the cemetery, and that we should get out of here. I immediately said, "why?"

She said that she had heard a voice telling her there was spirit waiting for me, and that he was a very bad spirit that was a rapist who never got caught. At this instant I felt like someone had put their hand on my shoulder and we turned around and got out of there. We drove around to another entrance on the side of the road, we wanted to keep investigating as curiosity got the better of us. I proceeded through first and turned around to see my fiancée standing at the gate, she said she couldn't go through because something was stopping her. I took her hand and pulled her through the gate and it felt as if someone had let go of her. She immediately heard the voice again saying not to go down the hill because they were waiting for us, meaning the spirits. We saw the figure of a man standing on top of a tree looking out over the cemetery. My fiancée kept hearing voices and I distinctly the voice of a young girl saying, "Arron, Arron, come and play with me." My fiancée had heard her name as well (it's Lucy). I started to walk away when we both saw the little girl run along the tops of the graves nearby before disappearing. We got in the car and left. As we were driving away we could see the little girl running alongside the road as if she were saying goodbye. We haven't been back there since that night.

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