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Witness: Emily
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: June 15, 2009

My friend my little sister and I, were on a walk in our back woods. What I can tell you is that, yes, I have seen and heard things back there, but just passed them off to be the Nature Spirit and the Native American Chief. Well, yesterday was different. We had gone down farther than I ever wanted, and I knew the way to get back. We were walking and all of a sudden I saw something up ahead of us and asked, "Did you guys see that?"

My one friend, Sarah said, yes she did. That got Kim, my little sister, frightened, and she wanted to go back. We were heading back until Kim reached behind her and grabbed her back. I asked her what was up and she said, "It feels like I just got bit, look to see if there is a spider on my back." So I lifted her shirt and saw no spider, but three long scratches down her back.

Now, all my life I have had strange "powers" to see, feel, and talk to the dead. Well, I said, "Okay, everyone out of the woods." But something followed us. I got infuriated and screamed, "Get out of here, this is our property now! We are alive you are the dead, you have no right to be here!" That sort of got it mad, and so that whole day things kept happening. I took some EVPs and I have some straight responses.

Now Sarah can also see and hear the dead, and we both picked up on more than five spooks; two were Edward the first, and Edward the Third (we have a story behind both of them at the foot note), we had a gentleman from the Civil war era, and the Indian Chief, and at least two demonic. I have the EVPs and asked what is your name and I got, "Edward." I asked are you here to help or harm, I got, "Help." I asked how many more are there and I got, "Many." Now to tell you the truth, I got freaked out to get so clear responses like that. Now back in the woods… there was a pile of rubble and I was climbing on it and walking on it. I Later found out from my dad that there was a burned down house back there, and that freaked me out more. I think that not all the remains of the people that once lived there is out of the ground yet. I am still frightened of what might happen.

*Foot note: Edward and Edward are grandfather and grandson, they are Edward the First and Edward the Third. They were playing ball when the ball got stuck in a tree, Edward the third climbed the tree and fell out, he broke his neck, he died, he was 6 years old. His grandfather Edward the First looks like he is probably 50-55, more of less. I have the EVPs and they are still with us, I learned that day, don't get ghosts mad at you, you will get hurt.

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