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Witness: Vicky
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date of Encounter: April 1994

When I first moved into Canyon Tree Apartments it was in April in the beginning part of the month. It was a very nice place too. All so cozy and it truly felt like home when my friend showed me a different unit in the same complex — it was single level in a medium-sized complex. It was there a very long time and I just loved it there. I moved in with my cat, Amber.

While I was moving into the apartment on West Myrtle Avenue, I had an encounter on the very first day I was moving in. There was a built-in dresser right across from the vanity in the bedroom so I placed my hands on top of the dresser and got violently ill. That was the first day. That night my cat was acting very strange about the bedroom closet. She kept scratching at the carpet. It was a very large walk in closet and had a folding door. I was never really comfortable that night. I was laying in bed awake with Amber and I tried to go to sleep but could not. I turned over, and that is when I saw it — a dark shape coming toward the bed. So I watched it for several seconds and jumped up and ran out of the room, into the kitchen and living room — but nothing happened in there.

I turned on all the lights in the house after that. Amber would not go back into the bedroom. So I put away everything in the kitchen and living room. Towards dawn I went to sleep in the bedroom.

All this happened before I found out about my apartment was being haunted by a very bad spirit. I found out from some of the maintenance personnel and a contractor that came to fix my window in the living room that was broken. About two weeks after I moved in the maintenance person told me that he felt something in there too. He wasn't sure what until he came back the next day and told me to be very careful. He also told me that this was a bad place. I said how could that be? Then we talked about the strange thing that happened the day I moved in and that night. He told me that he was here many years ago and he told me about some very bad people that used to live in the apartment. They used to fight all of the time and then someone got killed in there. I always felt the cold spots and things would get moved around a lot. Sometimes I would hear noises at night or around sunset in the hallway that lead to the bathroom and the bedroom. I never felt comfortable in that bedroom even during the day. Amber would growl at the closet door I kept closed. I would not go in there at night at all — forget that.

After being there awhile I met my neighbors, after we became friends I told her about the strange things I was dealing with and how I never felt comfortable in the bedroom at all. Then four months went by and that is when things got really bad. One night I saw a face in the mirror of the dresser. That scared me really bad so I went to my neighbor and told her about what I saw and she went through the house with a Bible and started reading from it — that is when we both heard the knocking on the walls, the moaning, and the voices saying something in a strange way that I've never heard before. I did not understand it. The voice sounded like gibberish to me but it was not, my friend knew right away and that is when I found out it was Satanic. She told me that she was preacher's daughter. She told me that devil worshipers were living in the apartment at one time. She could feel the evil in the place from the first time she entered the apartment. So every night there after she came over and read the Bible and blessed the house, and after a month of that the haunting stopped altogether.

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