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Future Prospects of The World According to the Bible CodeFuture Prospects of The World According to the Bible Code
By Joseph Noah
Publisher: New Paradigm Books (January 2002)
Pages: 208 – Price: $16.95 review

This is a scary book in many ways, for it sets out to establish further findings in the Bible Code index. It is also a guide to survival, and for the readers of paranormal writings, it will prove interesting reading.

The author shows how the documentation was arrived at, and how he was able to identify the key elements making it accessible reading for everybody. The work states that according to the Bible Code, the morning of 11th September 2001 marked the beginning of the major contest/struggle between good and evil.

The book has 15 chapters. Each chapter contains several topics. Chapter One discusses the Bible Code and Chapter Two discusses the history and proof available. Chapter Three explains the Akashic Records and the Torah Code. Each chapter builds upon the other, and each chapter offers thoughtful insight into what the Bible Code means.

Facts, further explained in-depth through the book’s chapter topic sections, include: 
1)The Tribulation Time is from the years 2005 until 2012. 
2)The Third World War starts in the year 2010 with nuclear weapons and nuclear bombs being used, and the resulting devastation.
3) Pole shifts in 2010 will cause great natural disasters.
4) The coming of a horrible holocaust for the black race in the United States during 2006 through armed conflict. 

And many other revelations are discussed.

For an interesting look at the future, this book will captivate many readers. Well-written and concise, this is a book which will hold your attention. Joseph Noah has a nice writing style. A retired engineer, the author spends much time in Texas and Montana.

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