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Witness: Kelly
Location: Herndon, Virginia
Date of Encounter: September 18 2003

I have had encounters all of my life and yes it is scary but for some reason I attract that kind of energy. These are my two recent encounters. 1) My mom found a catholic prayer medal of St. Joseph on my youngest son's dresser. No one in our family had put it there or even ever seen it before. My family owns medals but not of St. Joe. The medal looked to be about 50-60 years old. We could not figure out who left it and why until it dawned on me. My recently deceased grandfather was a very devout catholic and carried medals such as the one found. He never had the chance to meet my youngest son who is just a baby, and that always upset me. My deceased grandfathers name is Joseph. We think that the medal was his way of telling us that he is ok and that he has in fact seen his great-grandson.

2) My best friend's house has some very negative energy. You will feel like you're being watched. I do not like to be anywhere in her house by myself. The radio will change dials by itself, we once heard a woman humming, and we will hear footsteps and doors opening and shutting. Every time we are in her basement or the living room, which is directly above the basement, our eyes always get drawn to one specific corner, and we don't know why. When we look at pictures of ourselves that were taken inside the house we know it's us in the picture, and it looks like us, but it is not us, get it? There is something about our eyes and our smiles that look almost cynical. Plus, whenever I go there, I am drained of my energy and suddenly very sleepy. Her family has had a string of bad luck including multiple deaths, illnesses, murder, incarcerations, and mental illness. A "psychic" told her that her family will never regain harmony as long as they live in the house. This reminded her of something that the contractor told her parents when the house was being built… the contractors arrived at the site of what would be their home to find a snake curled up on the premises. They disposed of it but somehow it found its way back to the exact same place. They disposed of it again and yet again it kept coming back until the walls were built up. Krissy and I think the spot where the snake curled up is the same spot that we are drawn to. And snakes are a bad omen.

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