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Witness: Robbie
Location: Tokeland, Washington
Date of Encounter: March 29, 2011

Our paranormal group was conducting weekend experiments at the Tokeland Hotel. We had IR cameras covering each end of the long hallway where our rooms were on the 2nd floor.

The last set of experiments wrapped up at around 1:30 am Sunday morning. I got up around 4 am to go to the shared bathroom down the hall. The only light was a dim light at the end of the hall to my left. As I exited my room, there was a large person walking heavily down the hall. I was going to say "hello" but something told me not to. I also thought it was odd that "he" ignored me.

We played the video back a few days later and there was absolutely no one in the hallway during the period between 2 am-4 am besides myself. As a side note, one our of members was in his room across the hall with his door open. He was awake at the time of my encounter and said he saw no one beside me in the hall. Rarely do we have cameras "rolling" when we have an experience like this and we were fortunate this time.

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