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Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian KabbalahGnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah
By Tau Malachi
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (December 2004)
Pages: 400 – Price: $19.95 review

This book is an eye-opener when it comes to what Gnostic Christianity is. Gnostic Christianity and the Christian Kabbalah are different. What is important about this book is its detailed explanation about how the Gnostic approach to faith is a combination of three things: a highly sacred quest for greater knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive understanding. As Malachi points out, it is truly a Western journey to personal enlightenment and personal liberation.

This book makes the complex information direct and straight-forward to a personal understanding in a readily accessible style of writing. An in-depth analysis of the Holy Sefirot of the Tree of Life is revealed and makes for enjoyable reading.

There is a discussion of the holy angels, and the methods for invoking those angels. Information on the order of Melchizedek and the Rosicrucian degrees are revealed. Divine magick, prophetic consciousness are covered as are the myths and legends of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. A comprehensive look at death and dying is given, and an in-depth look at the afterlife.

Tau Malachi lives in California and has actively practiced Gnoistic Christianiy and Kabbalism for over thirty years. He is also the author the The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas.

An important aspect of this book is the giving of the divine names and vibrations. Chant pronunciation is given.

As a reference text, this is an important one and should be readily available in the home library. There is much to say about the research and sharing of unusual facts found in this book, and the best way to say it is, highly recommended. A classic of its kind.

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