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Darkside Zodiac in Love by Stella HydeDarkside Zodiac in Love
By Stella Hyde
Publisher: Weiser Books (December 2007)
Pages: 192 – Price: $16.95 review

If you enjoyed the previous books by Stella Hyde about the zodiac, you will find this darkside approach equally entertaining. It is, literally, a darkside approach and perspective to the zodiac and what is known about each astrological sign.

There is much information covered in this charming, remarkable book. Of the many topics covered concerning each sign, the reader will discover if his or her interest in another sign is worthy of further investigation by seeing how each star sign falls in love, is that person a stalker, a tease, or a gold digger, what is the person’s commitment level, and does that person do speed dating, and where can you find them, where would this person take you and how does that person handle the third date, will that person call again, will that person call afterwards, and many others. There is also an interesting item on each sign concerning how you can get back at him or her!

Additionally, there are famous people with their photographs and signs included. Two sections per sign is also of memorable reading: What gets that sign excited, and what happens between the sheets. There is Stella Hyde’s ironic humor, which is always a delight.

Good entertaining and amusing consequences pepper this book with the right sauce to educate and delight at the same time. Readers interested in signs should find this one exceptionally enjoyable reading. The sections on incompatibility charts is superb!

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