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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Upstate, New York
Date of Encounter: 1997

Who didn't goof around with a Ouija board when they were a kid? I was a typical teenager, with a tendency to do things that carried a little risk. My best friend had the same rebel streak and interest in the "scary stuff" as I did. So once we got our hands on a Ouija board, we dabbled on it a little bit. Out of the 4 or 5 previous uses, nothing major ever happened. On the last night that I have ever used a Ouija board, she and I were attempting to meet spirits with the help of her younger sister. The only thing that occurred was that we heard something on her dresser fall or shift, possibly a bottle of makeup or perfume we were playing with. Her little sister got really scared and we stopped playing, although I was sure it was nothing. However, the events of the following night proved that we had stirred up something…

My bedroom was an incredibly dark room. There was a staircase that led to my room from the living room, and a small hallway that opened into my bedroom. The exact hour I do not know, but the feeling was as if it was in the very early morning hours, approx 3 or 4 AM. My room was pitch-black and I was in the typical deep slumber when I was abruptly awakened by "something" moving swiftly and thumping up my stairs. My knee jerk reaction was to sit up in bed immediately and yell out my little brother's name thinking that it had to have been him messing around. Instead, I heard the most demonic chuckle, that my mind can only picture coming from some sort of troll-like creature, followed by the thumping sound of "it" running down my stairs. I was frozen in place for what seemed like an eternity and could not decide if I was safer hiding under the blankets or starring this thing head on if it was to come back. Obviously, I did not get much rest after that. The only thing that was on my mind all morning as I rushed to school was how important it was I tell my best friend. So, I met her at her locker like I did every morning, eager to share my story with her and attempt to figure it out. Before I could even get the sentence, "I have to tell you something," out, she stopped me and said that she had to talk to me. As she spoke I knew exactly what her next words were going to be because she experienced the same thing at what we conclude was the same time. She too was woken up by someone running up her stairs adjacent to her bedroom, and her instinct was that it was one of her younger siblings as well. The same mischievous laughter ensued and the "thing" took off back down the stairs. I have never encountered this thing again, and I'm still not sure what it was… but as long is it stays away I won't look for it too hard!

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