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Darkside Zodiac at Work by Stella HydeDarkside Zodiac at Work
By Stella Hyde
Publisher: Weiser Books (May 2007)
Pages: 192 Price: $16.95 review

In a delightful sequel to her Darkside Zodiac, author Stella Hyde has created the enjoyable Darkside Zodiac at Work. This look at work in the office is a hoot, and sure to bring smiles and nods to the readers who recognize their co-workers as well as themselves.

In regards to personal career management, this is a gem of a fine book, and it will share numerous insights with the readers. As promised, there are no punches pulled in this nonfiction work, and it will shock and entertain with its comments.

For a reference, keep it handy. There is a section dealing with natural born bosses that will amuse as well as instruct. Other sections cover natural born middle management, and natural born slackers. A guide for further reading is given and an easy access index. Beginning on page 182 is an instant career selector. A humorous example is the instant career selector for the birthsign of Aquarius. The legal career choices for Aquarius includes being an astronaut, professional revolutionary, poet, among other professions; the illegal career choices for being a criminal include such jobs as stalker, hacker, sniper, spy, or cyberthief. Each sign has its own attributes.

This is a well-written, entertaining sequel. Congratulations to Stella Hyde for giving the readers a wild and humorous guide to darkside perspectives on the zodiac in the workplace!

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