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Witness: E.B.
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Encounter: November 14, 2005

It was a sweet time. I just got a new job paying well and a new apartment that I waited for over 2 months for finally became available. The "maintenance staff" — if hicks that can't change a furnace filter can be called "maintenance staff" — had checked my electric drier several times and finally discovered it needed replacing. Upon this they went on to say, "Hey it should be fine, you may just have to dry things two-to-three times for it to work right." Ok, not a problem, I had lived places where drying clothes took all day so it was not a real big issue. Well, the day after the "inspection" my stove stopped working as well. They came and replaced the stove the next day. Meanwhile it is taking me 5 hours to dry one load of laundry.

Well, I got up to take my son to school one morning. It was slightly chilly and I had been running a little cold so I threw my sweater in the "dryer" to warm it up a bit. As I closed the door and walked down the hall, I heard something like a laugh with a hiss behind it and some cracking. I ran back to the dryer, opened it up and nothing but black smoke poured out of it. I grabbed my smoked sweater, ran my son out side, and proceeded back inside to fight the fire. After being unable to extinguish the fire and getting chocked up from the smoke, I called 911 and stayed outside and alerted my neighbors what was going on. To make a long story short, I stayed for 7 days in this blackened, burned out apartment. They did not have any spare apartments nor would they pay for me to move. 

One day after I cleaned a little, I laid down on the couch to rest and watch a little television. As I laid there I noticed something moving in the hallway. As I rose up off of the couch and walked down the hall, it stopped and blended in with the black, smoky ceiling, which used to be white. It happened three times that night. For a week this happened — I just got used to them visiting. One time, though, one appeared to come down the hall. I said, "Stay down there and play," and it did. Days later the so-called "maintenance people" painted and my "friends" have all now gone. I Can't say I miss them. They were very dark and swift, but I feel sorrow for any lost soul, good or bad.

This is a true story. Take it for what it is worth. If any of you have older homes or poorly lit homes, try talking out-loud when no one is around and see what happens. Close the blinds and turn the lights off for a weeks if you have an unused room or section of your home. They will come.

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