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Witness: Rodney A. Womack Sr.
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Encounter: 1998

I was a deputy sheriff for ten years and used to work off duty at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. I mostly worked late at night to keep trespassers out, etc. One night, about two in the morning, I went out with other officers and was standing beside the crypt of President James Monroe. I stated the observation, "He must have been a short son of a…" Then out of nowhere a swarm of insects attacked us . It was so bad that they filled the inside of my van covering the whole front window. Before I said that there was not a bug to be heard or seen.

Next the pyramid dedicated to the dead confederate soldiers, several of us experienced a severe cold spot next to the monument that you could literally walk in and out of. It was not a draft from the monument because you could stand next to the monument and the cold spot and be warm. One morning I was there on a weekend to open the front gates. I was in the maintenance shed where the bathroom happens to be. I was very sick and vomiting in the toilet. I heard the door behind me creek open and footsteps. I called out, "Please leave me alone today, people. I don't feel good." I could also feel the hair on my neck tingling. After I said this the sensation and sounds disappeared. We left a tape recorder on the tombstones one night and came back. You could here a voice state, "Jake and Josh." Later investigation revealed tombstones bearing those names next to the tape recorder. 

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