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Witness: John Travis Howry
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date of Encounter: October 14, 2001

I live in san Antonio now, but I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas — two hours from the border of Mexico. 

I know you're into this stuff, and I just wanted to get this out because I feel like I'm going crazy when I think about it. 

It was 10 o'clock, and it was storming. I was living out in the country, and there was a bunch of kids there that night, maybe a birthday party, not sure. But I remember getting woken up in he middle of the night but my friends — they were shaking — apparently they went outside that night to the barn and they heard something so they went in. I guess they saw something because they ran inside and got the rest of us… me first of all.

I went outside and noticed a cold front had come in and it had stopped raining — it was just windy and cold, but I had a flashlight and several friends behind me and they wanted us to check it out. I went up to the barn and (as stupid as I was, and probably still am) I told them I would go in first… and I did. They waited outside calmly for me to return, but I didn't.

The thing is, they had to come in to get me. I had walked in and it was pitch black and the only light in there was my flashlight and the moonlight there in the doorway of the barn for the horses to come and go by. But as soon as the door shut, I didn't feel any colder than I already did, but something happened.

My light went out, and just as soon as that happened I started hitting it to try to get it to work again, but I shouted and no one could hear me over the wind… and that's when it happened

I felt like someone was right behind me breathing… slowly… and I could feel it. My hair stood up and I froze, but then it moved. I didn't hear any steps, but I just stood there going what the heck?

Then I saw it. I turned fast and I saw it. It took off out the door. I know it was there, it didn't have any colors though. It was all in black. I saw it. I know I did. People keep telling me in lying, but I know what I saw. It was tall and it looked like it was wearing a robe. And the weirdest thing of all — as soon as it left — my light came back on. I walked outside and it was gone. And I just stood in that barn thinking about what just happened until my friends walked in all freaked out.

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