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Dancing the Goddess Incarnate by Dorothy Morrison and Kristin MaddenDancing the Goddess Incarnate
By Dorothy Morrison and Kristin Madden
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (May 2006)
Pages: 217 – Price: $14.95 review

Dancing the Goddess Incarnate is a positive approach to living the true magick of maiden, mother, and crone. The authors achieve an in-depth look at the goddess, the book addresses many questions and gives many logical, practical answers.

Nicely divided into three parts, the book is entertaining. A discussion of what it is being a maiden covers the first three chapters in part one. Part two continues with the emphasis on being a mother, and part three concludes with what it is being a cone. 

Different dances apply to each type of woman, and each is discussed and the information shared with the reader. The nine chapters make for fast-paced reading.

This is a very likeable book, full of insights, humor, and sound guidance. The minds of these two writers have come up with a winning combination and this book is sure to please a wide reading audience. Chapter Nine, “The Cailleach: Dancing Between the Worlds” is sure to capture the attention of readers from different walks of life with what it reveals, and shares.

Dorothy Morrison lives in Virginia and is a popular Wiccan author; among her many writings is the book, The Craft. Kristin Madden lives in New Mexico and is the Dean of Ardantane’s School of Shamanic Studies, is a Druid, and the author of the fine book, The Book of Shamanic Healing.

Morrison & Madden have written a fine book on the subject of maiden, mother, and crone. Excellent.

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