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Witness: Cheryl Sheridan
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Date of Encounter: February 22, 1985

My first encounter with the supernatural occurred when I was 14. It was around 12:00 AM. I was lying in bed when my step mom came in to tell me that my oldest sister had delivered my twin nieces. I was of course very excited and was unable to fall asleep. At the time, my dad worked the afternoon shift at GM. About a 1/2 hour later, I heard what I thought was my dad come in the door from the garage. I heard the kitchen light get turned on. Then the hallway light was turned on. I heard the bathroom door open and footsteps going into the bathroom. Someone turned the bathroom light on, then turned it off along with the hallway light. After that, I didn't hear anything else. I of course assumed it was my dad getting home earlier than usual. However about another half hour later (around the time my dad would usually get home), I heard him come in from the garage. He turned on the kitchen light then turned it off again and went to bed. The next morning I ask my stepmother if she had gotten back up after coming in to tell about my nieces and she said no. She had went right back to bed and had fallen asleep quickly. To this day I still cannot explain what I heard that night.

I remember that night so vividly, I can still picture the lights turning on and the sound of the footsteps. Other weird stuff would happen around the house, however nothing as vivid as that occasion. My stepmother and myself would hear footsteps upstairs, when we were down stairs watching TV. Of course no one would be home but us at the time. I had heard that my subdivision was built on what used to be Indian tribal land, but was never able to confirm it. Not sure where I would even start looking, but I would love to do some investigation on the area.

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