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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. What is a Sensitive? A Sensitive is a person in contact with paranormal energies, which allows that person to experience what others may not see, hear, or feel. The word can be spelled with a small s, or it can be spelled with a capital S.

A Sensitive can and oftentimes does communicate with paranormal entities. Some people have more developed skills as a Sensitive than others. Some researchers say that any person can be trained to become a Sensitive. Types of Sensitives include such people as intuitives, mediums, clairvoyants, or any other defining term that defines a person involved with active spirit contact. Each person, has his or her own special gifts each brings to their abilities.

A Sensitive encounters both intelligent and residual hauntings. An intelligent haunting is one in which the ghost or spirit seeks to make active contact with the living. A residual haunting is one in which the ghost or spirit is simply repeating its action or motions without being aware of the living.

The word, Sensitive, as applied to the paranormal, goes back hundreds of years. There are forms of the word appearing in old documents in France, England, Germany, and Spain. In a technical sense, a case could be made that the early followers of Enochian magick may have been active travelers in the world of the Sensitive, honing their skills with genuine contact with the paranormal and supernatural worlds. To become and develop as a Sensitive is one thing, but to learn how to control it and apply it is another thing. One of the earliest known types of Sensitive is the shaman, and also the oracle, seer, and visionary of spirit worlds. The Sensitive has been with humankind in one form or another since its birth and always will be.

Each person is different, and the skills of each person is different in direct application. I know because I am a Sensitive and I am humble enough to respect the forces that helped me develop into the type of Sensitive I became. Being a Sensitive carries with it a clear-cut degree of responsibility. Whether the Sensitive uses his or her abilities in a positive or negative fashion is up to the individual Sensitive.

In the true sense of the individual existence, we do become what we wish to be by self-application. We are, each of us, what we become, and we become what we are. Intent is everything, and anything else is secondary.

From an existential perspective, we create our meaning out of chaos by defining personal reality. From a Vedanta perspective, we create spiritual meaning out of the chaos within each of us, defining ourselves in the reality within us. In the final analysis, it is individual choice. To be or not to be.

There are may ways of looking at what a Sensitive is, and many ways of defining it. This is how I look at it and how I define it.

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